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Do you leak urine when you cough, laugh, sneeze, lift or exercise?  Do you feel an urgent need to empty your bladder or bowel and leak before you can get to the bathroom? Do you have an inability to control passing wind? Urinary leakage in pregnancy or soon after delivery is common but should never be accepted as normal. 

Evidence suggests that supervised pelvic floor exercises can prevent urinary leakage after birth.  Research also suggests 50% of people are performing their pelvic floor exercises incorrectly.  At Bump and Beyond Physio, we are able to provide a pelvic floor check-up after having a baby to advise you on how to complete appropriate pelvic floor exercises and progress these exercises when it is required.  By having a pelvic floor physiotherapist correctly assessing you combined with an individualised program can significantly reduce your symptoms. We can also give you advice on what exercises are safe to return to after giving birth. 

It is encouraged for all women, symptoms or not to attend for a check-up of their pelvic floor to establish a current level of pelvic floor muscle strength. 

 If you have older children and have never seen a pelvic floor physiotherapist – it’s never too late. Improvement in muscle function (and reducing your chance of prolapse and incontinence) can be achieved at any age! 

As part of the assessment, we can also check your abdominal muscles for any residual separation at this appointment and provide strategies for management.

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