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Abdominal muscle separation can occur in any phase of life due to physical forces causing our rectus abdominis (the six pack muscle) to stretch and separate down the middle – whether that’s due to a very physically demanding job, poor body mechanics during intense exercise or pregnancy.  In pregnancy, separation occurs as the abdominal wall adjusts to allow room for the growing baby and can occur any time from first trimester but you may not notice it until later in pregnancy or after delivery.

What you may feel with an abdominal muscle separation:

-a gap running down the centre of your abdomen

-a ‘doming’ on your belly

-back pain

-heaviness in your perineum

Treatment may consist of:

-education on positions and tasks to avoid

-targeted core muscle exercises

-lifestyle modification advice and education on safe return to exercise

-prescription of support belts/garments

-advice on correct breathing techniques and exercises

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