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Did you have a perineal tear? (including 3rd or 4th degree), with or without an episiotomy or instrumental delivery such as ventouse or forceps?  If so then you are more likely to have muscle weakness, significant discomfort and changes in function.

You are more at risk of a 3rd or 4th degree tear if:

-this is your first baby

-baby is over 4kg

-baby had a shoulder dystocia

-prolonged second stage: labour greater than 2 hours (pushing phase)

-ventouse or forceps delivery with or without episiotomy

-Asian ethnicity

-genetic predisposition (ie, mum or sister had similar experiences)


If you had a birth related injury, you may experience the following:

-reduced urge to pass urine or a bowel motion

-swelling/bruising, redness, pain

-pain when attempting to sit

-pain/apprehension when -passing urine or a bowel motion

-inability to hold onto wind/flatus

-involuntary leaking of urine or stools

-intense urge to rush to the toilet for bladder or bowels

-pain with sexual intercourse


At Bump and Beyond Physio, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the pelvic floor muscles and treatment may include:

-targeted pelvic floor muscle exercises

-pelvic floor muscle relaxation techniques

-lifestyle modification advice and education on safe return to exercise

-perineal/scar massage

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