Self love

Congratulations! You’re a mamma now. Motherhood is wonderful, but it’s also a time of relentless busyness and chaos which can lead to completely normal feelings of anxiety and stress. Isn’t it interesting that when we are pregnant we prioritise our health first. We are encouraged to be careful with what we eat, drink, how much exercise and rest and this is deemed legitimately important as it’s ‘for the baby’. But when baby is born, we feel it’s no longer valid to put our heal

Pregnancy and the pelvic floor

Finding out that you are pregnant is so exciting and the last thing on your mind is your pelvic floor or your pelvic organs. Why would it be? For most of you it has probably behaved pretty well up to now. It’s reported that a third of existing and expectant mothers don’t do pelvic floor exercises despite the known benefits. But you may now leak a little when someone cracks a joke or have the occasional damp patch in your knickers or been busting for the toileting when you’re

C-Section Scar - How to get your abdominal scar to look, feel, and move more normal

In this video, I go on to explain how abdominal scar massage can significantly reduce your pain and help the scar become less noticeable. Many women may not know that 7 layers of tissues are cut through the belly for a c-section (see this video here). So if your scar looks like its healed but you’re still getting pain, then it could be the adhesion causing this pain. #caeserean #csection #csetionlayers #bellybirth #birth #newborn #pelvicfloor #womenshealth #womenshealthphysi