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Are you experiencing a sensation of heaviness, dragging sensation or a bulge protruding from your vagina? If so then you may have a pelvic organ prolapse which is the descent of one or more of the pelvic organs (bladder, uterus or bowel) into the vagina.  Normally your pelvic organs are held in by tissues called “fascia” and “ligaments”.  These tissues help join your pelvic organs to the bony side of the pelvis and hold them inside the pelvis.  Additionally, your pelvic floor muscles also hold up your pelvic organs from below.  If the fascia or ligaments are torn or stretch such as during childbirth and if your pelvic floor muscles are weak, then your pelvic organs might not be held in their right place and they may bulge or sag down into the vagina. 

What would I feel if I had a suspected prolapse?

-heavy sensation or dragging in the vagina

-something ‘coming down’ or a lump in the vagina

-a lump bulging out of your vagina, which you see or feel when you are in the shower or having a bath

-incomplete emptying of your bladder or bowels

-your urine stream might be weak

-urinary tract infections might be reoccurring

-lower back pain which eases when you lie down

What caused my prolapse?

-genetic predisposition

-childbirth and repeated vaginal births

-chronic coughing (such as smoker’s cough or poorly controlled asthma)

-repetitive heavy lifting (washing baskets, supermarket bags, young children in your care)

-constipation requiring you to strain

-previous prolapse surgery

-previous hysterectomy

At Bump and Beyond Physio, we can help by:

-prescribing an individualised pelvic floor muscle training program suited to your needs

-advising on lifestyle changes such as diet, fluid intake, safe return to exercise

-being aware of good bladder habits

-advice on healthy bowel and optimal toileting positions

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