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Pregnancy/Postnatal tubigrip

Pregnancy/Postnatal tubigrip

Tubigrip can help support your 'bump' whilst you are pregnant, reducing strain on your muscles and ligaments and it may help reduce back or pelvic pain.


Tubigrip provides lasting, effective support with complete freedom of movement. Covered elastic threads within the fabric move to adjust to the contours of the body and distribute pressure evenly over the surface.  You can also wear this in the post partum period for the first 6-12 weeks.

  • Care and instructions

    It is unusual to have an allergy to Tubigrip, but skin can be more sensitive during pregnancy. If you do develop a rash or itching under the Tubigrip, try wearing it over a layer of clothing.

    Do not use Tubigrip if you have a latex allergy.Regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, you should not wear the Tubigrip overnight or if you are sleeping during the day.

    Tubigrip can be hand washed, but should not be tumble dried.

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