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Smiley Belt

Smiley Belt

Smileybelt supports your sacro-iliac and symphysis pubic joints by assisting your muscles and ligaments to create stability and keep control. Your core muscles are maintained and the extra workload reduced.


Or wear your Smileybelt as a belly band which makes carrying your baby belly a whole lot easier. Take the struggle out of getting up and down and standing for long periods of time. Smileybelt will support your abdominal muscles to hold your baby belly close to you. This will relieve both abdominal strain and the associated pregnancy back pain. This is also a comfortable way to wear your Smileybelt while sitting and great for end of the day fatigue when you still need to push on and get dinner made!


Wear it low around your pelvis to help prevent injury to these susceptible joints.



  • Sizing

    Measure around your hips, low across your buttocks at the back and under your baby belly at the front.

    S: 90-95cm

    M: 103-108cm

    L: 116-120cm

    Care of your Smileybelt

    Wash in warm sopay water and line dry.

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