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The Femmax Vaginal Dilator set

The Femmax Vaginal Dilator set

The Femmax Vaginal Dilator Set is specially designed to help you overcome various vaginal issues and regain control of your intimate health. Whether you're recovering from a surgical procedure, experiencing painful intercourse, or dealing with other concerns, our dilator set offers a gentle and effective solution.


Here's why the Femmax Vaginal Dilator Set stands out:


Graduated Size and Length: Our set includes four dilators that are carefully graduated in both size and length. This allows for a natural progression during your treatment journey, ensuring a comfortable and gradual stretching of the vaginal muscles.


Flexible Usage Options: You have the freedom to use the dilators individually or interlock them to create a longer form. This versatility enables you to adapt your treatment plan according to your specific needs and comfort level.


Discreet and Convenient Storage: We understand the importance of privacy, which is why our set comes with a discreet and easily manageable hard case. It provides a secure space to store the dilators and even includes additional room for a lubricant bottle or sachets, ensuring everything you need is within reach.


Safety First: The Femmax Vaginal Dilator Set is made from high-quality materials that are free from BPA (Bisphenol A), ensuring your health and well-being.


The Femmax Vaginal Dilator Set can be beneficial in a variety of situations:

  • Post-Surgical Recovery: After clinical treatments known to cause adhesions within the vagina, such as surgery, hysterectomy, or radiotherapy, our dilators can help maintain vaginal health and flexibility.

  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Rehabilitation: If you experience spasms or clamping of the pelvic floor muscles or need to retrain your vaginal muscles to relax, our dilator set can assist you in finding relief. This is especially relevant for conditions like vaginismus, painful intercourse, or post-childbirth recovery.

  • Scar Tissue Management: Stretching scarring caused by stitches after childbirth or addressing vulval skin conditions like lichen sclerosis becomes more manageable with our dilators. They promote tissue flexibility and comfort.

  • Overcoming Psychological Trauma: For those who have experienced psychological trauma associated with sexual intercourse, our dilators can be a valuable tool in gradually reintroducing intimacy and building confidence.

  • General Discomfort: If you experience pain during intercourse due to other reasons, the Femmax Vaginal Dilator Set can help alleviate discomfort and enhance your overall sexual well-being.


A typical dilator program involves regular use, starting with a dilator size that provides comfortable vaginal pressure and stretch. While using the dilators, incorporating relaxation techniques for approximately 10 minutes a day is recommended. Following this, a self-stretching program and scar tissue massage can be performed. The ultimate goal is to progress to the largest dilator size that accommodates your needs without any pain, stress response, fear, anxiety, or embarrassment.


Please note that a personalised treatment program cannot be offered on this website. We encourage you to seek advice from your pelvic floor Physiotherapist for a program tailored to your specific needs.


Maintaining hygiene is simple with the Femmax Vaginal Dilator Set. Clean the dilators with warm soapy water after each use, ensuring they stay in optimal condition for your ongoing treatment.


Take control of your intimate health with the Femmax Vaginal Dilator Set. Start your journey towards comfort, confidence, and a fulfilling intimate life today.

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