Are you constipated?

Constipation is a common complaint in pregnancy and affects many pregnant women and the post partum period. During pregnancy, it’s likely due to the increased level of progesterone in your body, which has the effect of slowing your bowels down. If you’re constipated during pregnancy, ensure you have this sorted early otherwise it could lead to pelvic floor dysfunction as well as distress! Also, straining on the toilet is NOT OK! All that straining is like having a mini birth

C-Section Scar - How to get your abdominal scar to look, feel, and move more normal

In this video, I go on to explain how abdominal scar massage can significantly reduce your pain and help the scar become less noticeable. Many women may not know that 7 layers of tissues are cut through the belly for a c-section (see this video here). So if your scar looks like its healed but you’re still getting pain, then it could be the adhesion causing this pain. #caeserean #csection #csetionlayers #bellybirth #birth #newborn #pelvicfloor #womenshealth #womenshealthphysi