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Baby wearing Tips – Save your back and pelvic floor!

Baby wearing contraptions can throw us back into that pregnancy posture where we tilt our pelvis forward to compensate for the additional weight on our belly. This in turn puts a lot of pressure on our lower back which could put ourselves at risk for further issues with your lower back and pelvic floor. Here are some tips to wear baby correctly while being snuggled up to your cuties!

If you’re having any low back pain, leaking, feeling heavy or pressure down in the pelvic floor, please go have an assessment with a women’s and pelvic health physiotherapist!

  1. Stand tall

  2. Have the top strap pulled snug so that the straps don’t fall off your shoulders, otherwise you might fall into the habit of a rounded forward posture

  3. Have the bottom strap nice and low and tight over your hip joints and butt

  4. A good way to check if your posture is aligned is to walk back leaning against a wall and see what hits the wall first? Is your butt touching the wall? Does the back of your head touch the wall? You want your butt to hit the wall, not your upper back!

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